Lakers Summer League: 5 Takeaways Thus Far

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3. Ivica Zubac Is The Real Deal

Though many laughed on draft night when comparisons of Marc Gasol were evoked in regards to center Ivica Zubac, the Croatian big man is actually making those similarities look reasonably accurate thanks to surprisingly good Summer League play.

Though it’s extremely premature to compare any prospect to arguably the league’s most versatile big men, Zubac’s play thus far has made that comparison seem fairly cogent.

In addition to his approachable, fun-loving personality,  Zubac has played great on both ends of the floor—so much so that he now prefers fans to call him “Zublocka:”

Likewise, Zubac has displayed nice inside touch and the ability to hit mid-range jumpers.

Though the Lakers inked big man Timofey Mozgov to a long-term deal, Zubac may be the center of the team’s future.  By all accounts, Mitch Kupchak and company appear to have drafted yet another late-round steal.

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