Lakers: Watch D’Angelo Russell and Brandon Ingram’s Shooting Workouts w/ Team USA


It is a given that the young Lakers will be shooting a lot more threes than they did last year under head coach, Byron Scott

Upon watching the bits of Team USA Camp that we could piece together from Twitter, Periscope, Youtube, etc. one of the reoccurring themes seems to be Lakers’ youngsters, Brandon Ingram and D’Angelo Russell taking and hitting more than their fair share of three pointers.

Coming off last week’s revelation that the new look Lakers will indeed shoot more threes than they did under Byron Scott, Luke Walton even said that he will “encourage” his team to shoot the long ball even giving Ivica Zubac permission to let it fly.

The underclassmen must have gotten the message as they have been recorded on multiple occasions before, during and after Team USA practice working on their outside shooting.

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Critics of Brandon Ingram have often said that the only thing he does better than Ben Simmons at this point in time is shoot the ball but similar to Russell last year, Ingram appears to need time adjusting to the longer three point line.

While Russell has demonstrated his ability to knock down the outside shot in these videos and during his brief Summer League stint, Ingram appears to be struggling but that is to be expected.

At the young age of 18, Brandon Ingram is reportedly expected to grow another inch or two in the coming years so that could also factor in to the development of his shot. One thing that is certain however, is his insistence on learning from Team USA and battling with them in a mutually beneficially relationship.

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Unlike teammates D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle, who didn’t have the opportunity to play with Team USA prior to their rookie years, this will serve as a great learning experience and wake up call for Brandon Ingram.