Lakers: Mike Trudell, John Ireland Laud Team’s Young Talent (Video)


Lakers play-by-play man John Ireland, and TWC Sportsnet reporter Mike Trudell offer their thoughts on the team’s young core and the 2016-17 NBA season

Both Los Angeles Lakers play-by-play man John Ireland, and TWC Sportsnet reporter Mike Trudell played in the ESPNLA 710 All-Star Celebrity Game. With Lakers forward Tarik Black coaching them, it was great fun for a great cause. The funds raised from the game benefited the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund for The V Foundation. Moreover, the tournament was sponsored by 24 Hour Fitness, and Scott’s former employer, ESPN, along with others.

Ireland and Trudell, as part of their jobs, know more about the Lakers than most anyone. So why not flip the script on them? Why not get their thoughts about the keys to success for this young team? We were given that opportunity with both men.

Ireland was both insightful and cautionary in his answers. He began by talking about the unknown that comes with a young team.

“The Lakers are going to have the youngest team in the League. And what comes with that is a lot of mystery,” Ireland explained. He continued by saying that the hope is that one of the young players will “pop.”  Ireland also added that the goal is to get a “chance to see what the future of the Lakers” might one day be. He then again cautioned that this team is “really young” and said that will be the primary story this season in LA.

Ireland also noted that the transition for these young players will be another hardship for this team, saying, “The hard thing is to adjust to the lifestyle,” Ireland said, “If you drop $10 million dollars in an 18-year-old’s lap, bad things can happen if you don’t listen.”

John spoke about the D’Angelo Russell, Nick Young Snapchat drama, how it felt to call Kobe’s last game, and if he thinks Kobe is coming back.

Here’s a look at the full interview with John Ireland:

Trudell, who likes to believe he plays a lot like Kobe Bryant, is looking forward to more wins.

“More wins are always better—I’m not going to lie—than losses. For everybody: for the players, for the fans, for the reporters, for everybody,” he said. “But I do think they have a lot of really nice young talent now. It’s going to be fun just to watch these guys evolve.”

Even through the tough losses next year, Trudell says he will focus on the silver linings of developing young players. He also spoke on who he thinks the team’s leader will be next season and much more.

Here’s the full conversation with Mike Trudell:

The most plugged in people with the Lakers agree with the majority consensus from the fans: give us the young guns.

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After talking with these two well-respected Lakers experts, you can’t help but feel hopeful about the Lakers youth and their upcoming season. Even if it’s not a winning season, it’s still one embroiled in optimism.