Lakers: Predicting How LA Will Fare Against The Pacific Division

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Here’s our breakdown on how the Lakers’ will fare against their Pacific Division rivals next season

The Los Angeles Lakers once reigned atop the Pacific Division of the NBA for what seemed like an eternity, so it seems odd to see them dwelling at the bottom for as long as they have.

Of all the teams that have ever called the Pacific division home, once including the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Supersonics, the Lakers have won the most division titles with 23 under their belt.

While it is strange to see the Purple and Gold struggling in the division, there’s no doubt that division games bring out the best in all parties. Queue last year’s impressive victory against the Golden State Warriors.

The Pacific Division isn’t the strongest in the NBA but it does contain the playoff mainstay Los Angeles Clippers (which sounds even more weird to say!), and the former NBA Champion Warriors.

The Sacramento Kings and Phoenix Suns round out the rest of the division. It remains to be seen what the individual records of these teams will be, but it’s always fun to predict how they will do against each other.

Here’s my prediction for how the D’Angelo Russell and company will fare against all the other teams in the Pacific Division next season.

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