Lakers: Predicting How LA Will Fare Against The Pacific Division

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2016-17 Scheduled Games

December 25, 2016 – Clippers @ LAL

January 14, 2017 – LAL @ Clippers

March 21, 2017 – Clippers @ LAL

April 1, 2017 – LAL @ Clippers

This match up is a little bit more personal for the Los Angeles Lakers and their fans. The Los Angeles Clippers currently hold an 11 game winning streak over the Purpler and Gold. The little brothers aren’t so little anymore because the big brothers haven’t beaten them since 2013.

Simply put, the Clippers are for real. So there’s no point in wishing it wasn’t real or complaining about the David Stern  debacle anymore. Yes, we know what could have been….

The Lakers haven’t beaten the Clippers in three years for a reason. Although they’ve yet to reach the promise land, the Clips continue to get better and more formidable each year. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and even Olympic gold medalist DeAndre Jordan seem to have fun beating up on the Lakers. The sad news is, I’m pretty sure that there’s nothing the Lake Show will be able to do about it this season.

The Clippers are just too good and they’ve gotten better this summer by adding NBA champion Marreese Speights and former Lakers’ forward Brandon Bass. With Paul and head coach Doc Rivers at the helm, there’s no reason to believe that the Clippers will be coming back down to earth anytime soon.

I do expect the Lakers to steal one game from the Clips this season. The most likely candidate being the game on Christmas Day. Otherwise, look for the other games to be brutal beat downs from the boys down the hall.

Verdict: Clippers 3-1

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