Young Lakers and Kobe Star in New NBA 2K17 Commercial


The newest NBA 2K17 “Momentous” commercial showcases the young Los Angeles Lakers in all of their glory

The NBA season is just about three weeks away from starting but the creators over at 2K are doing their best to hype up fans, especially those who follow the Lakers, for an exciting year.

Featuring nearly every major player who swapped teams this offseason — Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, etc. — one of the most interesting inclusions in their newest commercial is the up-and-coming squads, specifically the Los Angeles Lakers and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Ironically, despite being near the bottom of the pre-season power rankings, the fact that 2K continues to include LA in their commercials speaks to the team’s ability to draw in the masses.

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With amazing captures of the Wolves young core walking down the court followed by members of the Purple and Gold sitting on the bench, the amount of detail 2K has packed into their newest edition is beyond impressive.

As is normal with most, if not all, game trailers, the commercials are shown in higher quality than the actual game play, but judging off the leaks we’ve been able to get our hands on, game play actually isn’t that far behind.

In addition to the current Lakers’ core, the commercial also features a young Kobe Bryant, rocking the number 8 and his iconic afro as in the days of old.

Our guess is that, seeing as Kobe graces the cover of the “Legend’s Edition,” gamers will be able to play as a multitude of Mamba led teams similar to how they were able to do with Michael Jordan in NBA 2K11.

As another added bonus, we were able to find actual game play from 2K17, including the team’s pre-game introductions. The whole game can be watched here.

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Aside from the ratings, which are suspect at best, NBA 2K17 looks great and we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy and play it for ourselves.