Lakers: Ranking The Top 5 Most Fun Lakers to Use in NBA 2K17

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Larry Nance Jr.

I’ve had a chance to play about 7 or 8 games with the Lakers. In every one of those games except for one (defensive struggle vs Spurs), Nance has had a highlight play. The great thing is that the highlight play isn’t always an earth-shattering posterization. Sometimes Nance was able to finish a fast break with an acrobatic layup or a smooth up and under move. The developers of 2K obviously thought highly enough of Nance to make sure his unreal athleticism was covered in the game.

There’s two downfalls with Nance however. The first is his playing time. Unless you’re one of those people that can consistently play 12 minute NBA 2k games, most quarters are usually just six minutes long. The Lakers front court doesn’t allow for heavy minutes for Nance. So unless you go out of your way to feature him, he’ll likely only see two to three minutes per quarter.

The second issue is his offense, or lack thereof. Sure Nance is a certified high flyer capable of putting on a show every time down the court. But what about when the games slows down?

Nance’s inability to hit a consistent jumper or grab a high volume of rebounds limits his effectiveness. Without the fast breaks or put-back dunks, I too often saw Nance standing around waiting for something to happen. I’m not saying that I believe he is “just a dunker.” It’s just obvious that the developers of 2K didn’t watch his 2016 Summer League mixtape.