Los Angeles Lakers: Three reasons why Lakers should not pursue LeBron James

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Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James

OAKLAND, CA – JUNE 12: LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers have been setting the stage for 2018 free agency where they intend to go after LeBron James hard, but they should steer clear of James and focus on other max players.

The LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers rumors started as soon as the Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Since then the rumors have amplified thanks to a series of events that makes it seem very unlikely that James will stay in Cleveland.

First the Cavaliers parted ways with general manager David Griffin just days before the NBA draft. That prompted James to tweet out his support for Griffin making it clear he wasn’t happy about the situation. The decision by the organization, or Dan Gilbert, to not extend Griffin’s contract and leave Cleveland GM-less just made LeBron’s exit look imminent.

Then James was spotted at a Lakers’ Summer League game to watch Lonzo Ball play. His attendance added fuel to the LeBron to L.A. talk even more. But some considered his appearance as a way for him to put pressure on the Cavaliers to make good offseason moves.

However, reports surfaced that James was unhappy with the organization’s lack of progress in revamping the team, which perpetuated the signs James is on his way out of Cleveland.

Now after the latest news that Kyrie Irving has ‘blindsided’ LeBron by requesting a trade, the Cavs are in full implode mode and James is practically out the door.

That means he’s headed for a new team and although signs point to L.A., the Lakers shouldn’t just jump at the chance to sign LeBron. Instead, they should focus on signing other max players.

Here are three reasons the Lakers shouldn’t sign LeBron James.

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