Los Angeles Lakers: The Ultimate Guide to the 2018 Offseason

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LeBron James Laughs at the Process
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The Case For LeBron James

Cleveland rode through extremely tough stretches during the season. The team struggled to play defense. At points, they looked more like individuals than a core that gelled. And at the heart of it all is a man who almost single-handedly revolutionized the NBA.

LeBron James continued to showcase on his once-in-a-generational talent. He still holds the exclusive title belt of “best player in the world.” Even though his team reshuffled its roster twice, many of us held James to higher standards with the drama about his eventual decision. In the end, LeBron held his best season since 2013 when he almost won the MVP unanimously. He averaged career highs in assists, rebounds, and a bevy of analytical statistics.

For LeBron, age is just a number. It could be his genetics. A factor from his $1.5 million offseason spending on his body kicks in. Whatever the case, it seems as if he continues to improve his game as he gets older.

This changes viewpoints of so many traditionalist Lakers fans. LeBron James was the icon of Akron, Cleveland, and Ohio. To view, such a man in Los Angeles would be of the utmost significance and… weird. LeBron James already bought a mansion in Brentwood, CA. It might not mean he will sign with Los Angeles this offseason, but it could mean that he is starting a billionaire empire, the first active one in the sports world.

The Cavaliers playoff run will indicate the future of LeBron James. Just recently, he posted a 46-point performance against the Indiana Pacers. This may mean Father Time is catching up, or a testament to how LeBron James beats him performance after performance.