Los Angeles Lakers: The Ultimate Guide to the 2018 Offseason

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Ball Talks with Larry Nance, Jr.
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Players Traded, Waived, or Bought Out This Season

Jordan Clarkson (PG/SG, Missouri, Traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers)

The Missouri product knew Lakers management wanted to trade him. Unlike Randle, however, he enjoyed the rest of his stay in Los Angeles. Clarkson was often nonchalant in press conferences and interviews. His $12.5 million contract was shipped off to Cleveland with Larry Nance, Jr. Nonetheless, he led the Lakers in free throw shooting and was a viable contributor off the bench.

Larry Nance, Jr. (PF/C, Wyoming, Traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers)

It was a shame he was traded since Larry was one of my favorite players to watch on the Lakers. Not only did he present as a viable energy source off the bench, but he brought a physicality that the other bigs did not epitomize.

Nance is currently playing alongside an NBA Hall of Famer, whose role continues to shuffle along team boundaries. According to Cleaning the Glass, the Cavaliers are a mid-level defense when Nance is on the floor. Cleveland drops to 29th when off, just ahead of Phoenix.

Andrew Bogut (C, Utah, Waived)

Andrew Bogut was brought on to be the backup center to Los Angeles. Bogut’s durability is intriguing. He never sagged or limped out due to injury. Management waived him to continue Ivica Zubac’s development. Rumors emerged of a Bogut signing on a playoff contender but to no avail.

Corey Brewer (SF/SG, Florida, Bought Out)

The NBA knows Corey Brewer to be its “Iron Man.” Brewer played 317 games straight until Luke Walton decided to not play him against the Spurs, in which they won 93-81. It was clear that Brewer wanted more playing time on a team that needed his services. After passing waivers, Brewer was bought out by Los Angeles in favor to play with Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Since then, Thunder head coach Billy Donovan used Brewer as the starting two-guard in place of defensive wing Andre Roberson. He filled in nicely, but the Thunder are still struggling to control the opposite side of the ball. Brewer is a great ball hawk but is not an excellent defender as Roberson is.