Los Angeles Lakers: Playoffs are helping the offseason plans

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Los Angeles Lakers: Playoffs are helping the offseason plans
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The Thunder’s playoff struggles

When the big three of Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, and George came together expectations were sky high. However, they were never able to gel this season and it caused them to finish in the middle of the pack in a crowded western conference.

Now they are on the brink of elimination against the Utah Jazz, and their best player is rookie Donovan Mitchell. Losing three of the first four games put the Thunder in a deep hole in the series. It even took a 25 point come back in the second half of Game five just to keep their season alive.

Why would George want to leave?

Sometimes it can be difficult to play with Westbrook, and this series has been no different. He has been up and down both emotionally and with his performance on the court, and that can take a toll on a teammate. Westbrook’s 45 points were enough to will them to them to a victory in their last game, but it also took 39 shots to get it.

There is also a recent history of players having success once they leave Oklahoma City. Victor Oladipo, Kevin Durant, and James Harden are some examples. Last offseason George made it clear he wants to be in Los Angeles, so maybe he will jump ship if the Thunder does not go deep in the playoffs.

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The Lakers are in the middle of the longest playoff drought in franchise history, but they could become an immediate contender if they were able to lure George and James to Tinseltown. Assuming the Thunder and Cavaliers do have an early playoff exit, then do not be surprised if that fantasy becomes a reality.