Los Angeles Lakers: 2018 offseason to-do list for Lonzo Ball

DETROIT, MI - MARCH 26: Lonzo Ball
DETROIT, MI - MARCH 26: Lonzo Ball /
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Much like the challenge issued by Magic Johnson to Julius Randle at last year’s exit interviews, Magic has issued that same challenge to Lonzo Ball as well as Brandon Ingram. But for Lonzo Ball, attacking the gym could actually help him kill two birds with one stone.

Getting stronger is something that a lot of NBA players look to accomplish, however, the way a player attacks workouts in the gym could also help with that attack mentality on the court. Lonzo Ball obviously needs to get bigger not only to withstand the damage an 82-game season can deliver but also Lonzo Ball has had trouble just like any other rookie fighting through contact and finishing at the rim.

He doesn’t necessarily have to go full beast mode like Julius Randle, but gaining more strength will help him finish at the rim and if you pair that with the first thing on this list, it will help him because when your shot starts to fall then the defense starts to crowd you and that’s when you use that quickness to get to the basket.

If you add that in with all of his intangibles such as his elite passing and better than advertised rebounding and defense, he should be on the right track to fulfilling his destiny set by Magic Johnson and his father Lavar Ball.