Los Angeles Lakers: 5 point guards to consider in 2018 NBA draft

LAS VEGAS, NV - MARCH 9: (Brian Rothmuller/Getty Images)
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Los Angeles Lakers: 5 point guards to consider in 2018 NBA draft
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1. Aaron Holiday

Aaron Holiday has the genes to be an NBA point guard. His oldest brother, Jrue Holiday, is one of the best at the position playing for the New Orleans Pelicans and his other brother, Justin Holiday, plays for the Chicago Bulls. Both him and Jrue were standouts at UCLA and if Aaron can replicate his success in the NBA, then he will be a steal if he is available at the end of round one.

Holiday is the least likely on the list to be on the board when the Lakers pick at 25 and that is why they should be ecstatic if they have the chance to draft him. He did not have the same team success at UCLA after Lonzo Ball left, but the Lakers still might draft a Bruin point guard for two years in a row.

One thing that Holiday does much better than Ball is shoot. He shot better than 40 percent from three in each of his three seasons at UCLA and he shot better than 80 percent from the free throw line last season as well. He is also well versed at getting into the paint and finishing at the rim, but that could be harder for him to accomplish that in the NBA.

Outside scoring was an issue for the Lakers last season, especially from the guard position. Holiday averaged 20.3 points per game last season, so he could help pick up the slack on that end of the floor.

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The Lakers have had as close a look at Holiday as any team because he has played down the street in Westwood for the past three seasons. They know as well as anyone that it would be a major win if ended up with him on draft night.