Los Angeles Lakers: 3 ways Brandon Ingram can improve

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Los Angeles Lakers
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With his third season for the Los Angeles Lakers in the books, here are three ways Brandon Ingram can be more effective next year.

Throughout his young NBA career, Brandon Ingram has looked more and more like the prospective star the Los Angeles Lakers expected when they drafted him No. 2 overall in 2016.

The ultra slim, lanky winger has played in a plethora of roles and displayed an exciting and eclectic skill set. However, his overall talent may need nurturing for a couple more years before he becomes the reliable option many hoped he would be.

The good news: even after three years in the league, Ingram is still only 21-years-old. His body and mind are likely not fully matured. There is lots of room to grow, both literally and figuratively. He is still a few years out from his final product.

Before his season ended due to deep vein thrombosis in his left shoulder on March 9 – a scary and potentially life-threatening blood clot – Ingram was having his best season, putting up 18.3 points, 5.1 rebounds, and three assists per game.

Thankfully, Ingram’s blood clot was caught in time and should be easily treatable with blood-thinners. We should expect to see him back next season (knock on wood).

In honor of hoping for the best and looking forward to next year, here are three ways Ingram can improve his game.