Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Superstars to pursue in free agency

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Kawhi Leonard

The Crown Jewel of free agency, coming off of a historic run with the Toronto Raptors. Leonard led them to become the NBA Champions and he took home the Finals MVP, if you needed any proof on whether having Leonard on your team makes you an instant contender, than the 2019 NBA Finals is all the proof you need.

The quiet superstar who does all of his talking on the basketball court has led Kawhi to be a National Hero in Canada. With his All-World defense, his staggering length and his ability to score any which way he wants makes Kawhi a near impossible person to guard. His ability to make clutch shots was made incredibly clear with his game-winner and series clincher against the Philadelphia 76ers.

If Kawhi did join the Lakers, he would form one of the greatest Big 3’s in NBA history with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Imagine trying to guard these 3 superstars on a nightly basis, it would be impossible. With Davis dominating you in the post, James tearing you apart in transition with a full head of steam and Kawhi Leonard surgically cutting you apart any way he sees fit.

Kawhi’s signing would send shockwaves through out the NBA and would in turn help the Lakers get even better quality vet minimum guys who will ring chase with this big three.