Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: The man in the middle for Cleveland Cavaliers west

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Los Angeles Lakers rumors
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The guy that made “Hollywood as Hell” famous

There’s something about LeBron James most people never notice. LeBron James loves playing with his friends; yes. LeBron likes to be surrounded by veterans who can shoot; check! There is one type of player that LeBron James needs as well; the live wire that will not back down from anyone, yep Joakim Noah!

Now the Lakers fans that are rolling their eyes at this player, did not watch this game. Fortunately, I did. This was the night, LeBron James was exposed for his porous defense and body language.

It was also the night Joakim Noah reintroduced himself to the NBA like Jay-Z.

This rivalry goes back to the days when LeBron was winning titles in Miami while denying Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose a chance at the trophy. Noah showed his disdain by stating the Miami Heat was “Hollywood as Hell”.

Remember Noah was an MVP candidate back in 2014 and was the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year. His time in New York messed up his reputation with that contract, but he can be had at the right price for the Lakers.

Who knows? The Lakers may get a game or two in the playoffs of this Joakim Noah.

Finally, a shocker.