Los Angeles Lakers: Jason Whitlock tells LeBron James to “Sit yo A– down!

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LeBron James is once again in the news for his actions during his son’s AAU tournament. Jason Whitlock had a scalding take about the situation.

I want to start this with a statement to LeBron James: Man I didn’t know you had it like this. I mean people really sweat you like gym socks! Dude can’t even be a father to his kids right for some people.

LeBron James is a different public figure. It took one weekend for LeBron James to go to a basketball tournament and support his son to spend some quality father/son time together. Nothing wrong here right? A lot of dads do that.

By the end of the weekend, it turned into one of the biggest sports debates on social media and into one of the worst sports takes of all time.

It was so bad, even Kyle Kuzma went at him on Twitter.

Then Whitlock clapped back about Kuzma’s relationship with Kendall Jenner. I knew that the Kardashian curse article was good for something!

This is no joke and what’s more, it’s sad. What’s even worse, I fully understand what is going on and can explain it so clearly everyone reading this will understand and be even more disgusted.

Rarely do I disagree so strongly with someone in the sports media with the business being smaller than most people think. But his comparisons were so bad, I felt I should write something. When I saw the clip on social media, I only thought one thing.

Oh, I guess July ratings is still in effect. This wasn’t a big deal to me. But what does it mean to people who don’t know what it means? Well, ratings in television and cable mean this.

Any media outlet bases its success around numbers. But there are four months out of the year that TV pays particular attention to their broadcasts. Those months are February, May, November and yes you guessed it, July.

If the numbers are struggling for a certain rating period compared to the competition (FS-1’s chief competition is ESPN) sometimes a certain story or hot take (Need an example? Press play again above!) is needed for a much-needed boost to a particular show. That video has 2.4 million views and counting.

Over a year ago, Laura Ingraham used her platform much as Jason Whitlock did on his, to criticize LeBron James for shock value.

This happened in February 2018, a rating period.

Well, it didn’t work out as well as Ms. Ingraham planned. LeBron used her words as a title for his docu-series on Showtime.

While the comment started a series of events that hurt Fox News in their sponsorship wallets.

With that being said, there is one thing that people on this planet needs to understand.

LeBron James has the media game figured out and it is sitting on top of the mountain.

LeBron James is the most powerful sports figure on the planet right now and the most influential NBA player in history. This is not about statistics anymore, this is about clout.

LeBron James knows enough about Jason Whitlock to keep the LeBron James brand rolling right along. The attention alone from that statement put money in LeBron James’ pockets.

As a father of three sons, I’m trying to figure out what in the world did the man do that was so wrong? Let’s all look back to last weekend and figure it out.