LeBron James speaks out at the NCAA over the “Rich Paul” rule!

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LeBron James spoke out about the new rule implemented by the NCAA involving his friend and agent, Rich Paul.

Well for one Tuesday this summer, it was not about the menu in the LeBron James household.

For the past several weeks, LeBron James has taken to Twitter and Instagram to announce “Taco Tuesday” with his family and friends. It got so popular that this past week, he created T-shirts to wear along with members of the cooking staff.

But for this week it seems that the NCAA has something cooking of their own that directly affects his agent Rich Paul.

This week, the NCAA implemented new rules for agents representing players considering making a jump to the NBA Draft. This story was broken by CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein.

The NCAA issued the rules out to various media outlets such as ESPN explaining what they wanted to accomplish going forward.

"“Men’s basketball student-athletes who are considering careers in professional basketball but who may want to return to school are only permitted to accept permissible agent services from NCAA-certified agents with a signed agent agreement,” the memo stated. “It is important to remember that a men’s basketball student-athlete cannot enter into an agent agreement until after his team’s season has concluded, and the student-athlete has requested an evaluation from the NBA undergrad advisory committee.”"

Well, it seems that the Bachelor’s Degree is the requirement that has a lot of people’s attention with their eyes raised. Why? Because coincidentally one of the most decorated NBA agents in history, Rich Paul, does not qualify with that rule in the new criteria.

I guess that honorary degree at Cleveland State doesn’t count. This rule was so controversial it already has its own hashtag on Twitter. LeBron James did the honors of letting the sports world know the unofficial name of the rule.

There will be plenty of theories floating around until November 6th, the day the exam is scheduled. That date is around the start of the college basketball season and coincidentally a couple of weeks after the NBA season starts.

The criteria had plenty of facets here which includes race. But if one automatically assumes that this is about the NCAA “Trying to keep a black man down”, you are already off base.

Race always plays a role in anything pertaining to business in America, but this is about something way bigger than race.

This is about power and influence and a ton of it. It also affects the financial spreadsheets of some very powerful people. Rich Paul and LeBron James have enough for these people to take notice. LeBron James took to Twitter to voice his displeasure over the NCAA’s criteria.


Just because these new criteria have been released this week doesn’t mean this fight won’t last for a while. It is going to be very difficult for the NCAA to justify the qualifications of a guy that founded his own successful sports agency in Klutch Sports.

Furthermore, with Rich Paul sporting a cache of NBA stars that include Draymond Green, Ben Simmons, Eric Bledsoe and Anthony Davis with plenty of others. Then there’s this dude named LeBron James who happens to be the face of the NBA. Couple that with the recent negotiations to have the Klutch Sports Group to work with the United Talent Agency in Beverly Hills, California shows us that maybe Rich Paul might be qualified to represent a college player or two in the future.

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