Los Angeles Lakers: Do yourself a favor and sign Dwight Howard!

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Los Angeles Lakers
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The Los Angeles Lakers have been granted permission to talk to Dwight Howard and they’d be doing themselves a big favor adding the former All-Star.

As a writer, you never want to write about any player on the Los Angeles Lakers going down with a possible season-ending injury. But it happened and it’s on to the keyboard to find options.

DeMarcus Cousins sent the NBA family in a sorrowful state tearing his ACL working out this week. Lake Show Life has been all over the story since it broke. Check out the website for all the coverage.

DeMarcus Cousins’ injury really made a profound effect on many. The question about Cousins being able to co-exist with Rajon Rondo and Anthony Davis would have been a great storyline.

Mostly, this is bigger than the Lakers losing a major championship piece. His injury history will be mentioned along the lines of Derrick Rose and especially Isaiah Thomas, who thought the “Brinks Truck” was being backed up in Boston.

Just look at what Boogie Cousins has lost in the last two years alone.

Well, now the Los Angeles Lakers have to make some moves because no matter how anyone spins it, DeMarcus Cousins is a huge loss.

With Cousins out for at best, the end of the season, JaVale McGee is the only true center on the roster. There are Lakers rumors rampant on how Anthony Davis will be utilized at the 5 spot this season. Guess what? It’s August. Anybody can say anything about any scenario only to find out during the season, things don’t work out as planned.

Anybody remember the plan when LeBron James last offseason was to play off the ball and play the backline? How about the roster full of playmakers instead of shooters? That lasted say 25 games? That will be about as long as Anthony Davis will play along until he changes his mind.

That is why the Los Angeles Lakers should take the chance and sign Dwight Howard to a one-year deal for the minimum. I know what most of the Lakers Nation is thinking.

This dude is nuts. He has no clue about what the Lakers need. Was he even around to see what happened the last time Howard played for the Lakers in 2012-13?  Now it seems that the Lakers are seriously interested, according to Rohan Nadkarni of SI.

That is why the Los Angeles Lakers not only should pick him up, but know they have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Many fans want Kenneth Faried as the player to replace DeMarcus Cousins, but let’s see why Dwight Howard is the better option.