LeBron James: 4 Reasons why his “Revenge Season” had better work

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Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James
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LeBron James is reportedly coming to this NBA season more fired up than in recent memory. Fans and media are calling this season his “Revenge Season”. Lake Show Life lays out reasons why this season had better work out for LeBron James. No excuses.

The Los Angeles Lakers are close to officially starting training camp next week. Leading the team will be LeBron James, back from a interesting season.

NBA fans are screaming HALLELUJAH as of this writing. Gone are the endless speculations of roster structure and unofficial “fantasy” theories of who will win the NBA title this year. Next week starts real analysis based on what happens on the basketball floor, not those workout videos seen on social media.

The final NBA players ratings on paper were done by ESPN. For the first time since the countdown was created back in 2011, LeBron James will not be at the top of the list. After wearing a groove out at the top spot, he will reside in the 3rd spot to start the season.

The top two players will almost certainly be Kawhi Leonard of the crosstown Los Angeles Clippers and Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks. It makes perfect sense.

Kawhi Leonard is coming off a title year with the Toronto Raptors ending the Warriors dynasty while the “Greek Freak” is the MVP of the league. SI already posted their top 100 list with these two at the top with James behind them.

These player rankings mean very little to how the season plays out. This concept was laid out in detail last year when LeBron James held the spot over two time Finals MVP, Kevin Durant (No. 2 last year) and Stephen Curry (No. 3 last year), both who were back to back champions. The concept made no sense last year no more than it does this year.

The story is not about James being removed from the top spot for the first time in the history of the ranking. It’s why he dropped. This is the first time since the induction of the ESPN rankings, there is a ton of unknown storylines surrounding the face of the NBA.

Looking back, he had just disappeared in the 2011 NBA Finals loss to the Dallas Mavericks. How bad was he in the Finals? The Mavericks put the assignment of defending him in crunch time to former point guard, now assistant coach, Jason Kidd. Even LeBron had to take a look in the mirror after that season and said so on his HBO show “The Shop”.

Sit back Lakers fans, this season will be an unprecedented experience for all NBA fans to enjoy. Why? Because this one might carry the most unknown scenarios.

Most NBA pundits won’t say that the NBA game is changing to the point that lead shot-creators such as James are not imperative for NBA titles. But, alas, there will be conversations like these until October 22nd and beyond.

Now let’s deal with reality. LeBron looked mortal in his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Injuries removed, his 27.4 points, 8.5 rebounds and 8.3 assists stat lines covered a lot of chaos created by his hand.

LeBron apologists will throw up the Lakers being the 4th seed on Christmas Day. They will ignore the defensive lapses (Wait let’s call it like it is, apathy!) that helped the Lakers demise. Remember the Memphis game?

Lake Show Life basically laid out Luke Walton‘s challenges of keeping his job based on his top player’s history. Does anyone notice the drastic difference of the roster from last year? Man, the average age of the roster shot up, didn’t it Lakers fans? Lake Show Life saw the sands of time growing short of the young core as well.

These rankings only add fuel to the fire of one of the biggest storylines of the NBA season. It’s called LeBron’s “Revenge Season”.

This article is not about if the man will make a comeback for the ages to prove the haters wrong. This article is about one thing and one thing only.

It had better work.

Lake Show Life looks into the creation that is called the “Revenge Season”.