LeBron James: 4 Reasons why his “Revenge Season” had better work

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Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James
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Anthony Davis is now a Laker. LeBron James has to make it work!

This headline is not about LeBron’s legacy. This is about how the future of the Los Angeles Lakers will look for the next 10-15 years if LeBron’s ego gets in the way.

Dwight Howard‘s contract adds up to the amount of a box of Newports and Puma sweats until October 21st, but the last time the man was in purple in gold, the Lakers were in the playoffs. The same scenario that played out in 2012-13 could happen again.

Until a contract is in the Lakers computer system, Davis could still walk after this season. This franchise will be a dumpster fire if that happens. On paper, this duo has Vegas putting them in the NBA Finals. Others around the league don’t see the Lakers as the best team in the building yet.

It’s no secret that LeBron James shut it down after the failed attempt at landing Davis last year. Many apologists say that LeBron had to save his energy for games that matter. After the All-Star break, they ALL mattered. While James played defense so badly, it turned into an NBA reality show, excuses of needing another star persisted.

Well, he has one now. Probably the best one he’s going to get in his career.

The problem is, the Clippers have two across the hall in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

Between these four players, Los Angeles is now the basketball mecca of the basketball world. All eyes are on the “City of Angels”.

There will be struggles with LeBron and AD meshing their games together. Why? Because all big men have struggled to play with LeBron James. Don’t want to believe it? Give Chris Bosh and Kevin Love a call. It’s clear the Anthony Davis needs to be the number one guy in the offense. Will LeBron give up that spot after 16 years?

As for that defense, LeBron James saves himself for. Anthony Davis stated on record that he will hold James accountable. At least that’s what he said to Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports.

"“I want to be Defensive Player of the Year,” Davis told Yahoo Sports. “I think if I’m able to do that, I can help this team win. The offensive end will come around, but defensively, I want to hold myself, teammates, including LeBron, accountable in order for us to take on the challenge of being the best we can defensively."

We’ll just see what happens during the season. Can anyone name any players that accomplished that feat? Outside of Dwyane Wade, no one comes to mind.