Los Angeles Lakers: 5 scenarios explaining why Dwight Howard will start

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The Los Angeles Lakers are razor-thin at center with JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard the only centers (that’s willing) on the roster. Here’s why Dwight Howard should start in the middle.

Now that the Los Angeles Lakers have started practices to prepare for their six preseason games, it will be interesting how Frank Vogel and the coaching staff deal with the potential elephant in the room this season.

That “elephant in the room just happens to reside in the middle for the Lakers. It’s the center position where the Lakers are not deep, to say the least.

Most Lakers fans (and Lakers management for that matter) see the obvious solution. If push comes to shove, place Anthony Davis in the center spot and run the opposition off the floor with the fast break. This just in to Lake Show Life, these individuals are absolutely right.

Looking at Davis’ statistical numbers in New Orleans, the Pelicans actually were better around Anthony Davis when he played center. Conveniently when he played with Rajon Rondo a couple of years back, Davis might have had the best run of his career. Lakers fans should be drooling over that potential happening again.

The problem here is that people are really missing the signs. Anthony Davis does NOT want to play center. He doesn’t want to deal with banging bodies with Nikola Jokic, Rudy Gobert or Joel Embiid on the east coast. He’s been very clear on the position he wants to play for the Lakers. The man said it in his introductory press conference.

But on media day, which is similar to politicians shaking hands and kissing babies, Davis said that he’s willing to do what is best for the team via Silver Screen and Roll.

"“Me and coach have had conversations and I said, ‘Coach, listen here. It’s not that big of a deal. I played the five in New Orleans for several years and whenever you need me at the five, I’m ready to play. Because, if you look at it now in this game, there’s not a lot of traditional fives. The fives are the fours, so that doesn’t make a huge difference. But I think I’ll be better at the four and that’s why we got JaVale (McGee) and Dwight (Howard).”"

Not a big deal? When DeMarcus Cousins and Rondo was not re-signed by the Pelicans after the playoff run, Davis had his bags packed then. Sure Rich Paul will be blamed for Davis wanting to leave, but no. Cousins was Davis’ ticket to the position he wanted to play.

Anthony Davis is starting to remind me of another player on the roster last year that helped float options of playing center in spots during the season. Remember when LeBron James was supposed to do the same thing in the positionless scheme last year? That lasted about 25 games.

What does this all mean?

Announcing to Los Angeles Lakers fans worldwide, your two centers are JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard!

Now the subject turns to who will be in the starting lineup for the Lakers on opening night against the Los Angeles Clippers. Will it be the incumbent starter in JaVale McGee or the flashy choice in Dwight Howard.

It’s really not a hard choice. There only one that makes sense.

It’s Dwight Howard. Lake Show Life breaks down why.