Los Angeles Lakers: Ranking the 10 best jerseys of all time

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Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images /
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Throughout the history of the Los Angeles Lakers, we’ve seen a wide variety of jersey designs, but which ones are good enough to earn a spot on this list?

When it comes to basketball there are certain things that Los Angeles Lakers and fans in general, gravitate towards. Whether it be advanced metrics, trade rumors, power rankings, playoff predictions and so on, there is one thing that seems to be underappreciated — the uniforms.

The team uniforms are by far the thing basketball fans see the most and are one of the leading factors in team identification and loyalty. When you are as recognizable of a franchise as the Lakers are, you need to look good when you are on the court.

From several iterations of their standard home/away variants to alternates like the Sunday Whites and Hollywood Nights, through countless variations of the Christmas Day jerseys and every throwback under the sun, the Los Angeles Lakers’ uniform collection rivals any other franchise in the NBA.

In this ranking, we’re going to be taking a look at the 10 best jerseys from the Los Angeles Lakers franchise which began in 1961 when the team moved from Minneapolis to LA. Since then there have been so many great jerseys that it was difficult to pin it down to only 10, and even more difficult to decide between the home or away version.

But, we will do our best to whittle down that list. Check out the 10 greatest jerseys that the Lakers have worn in franchise history.