Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Kyle Kuzma’s trainer allegedly calls out LeBron James

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Los Angeles Lakers rumors
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LeBron James has billions of people who criticize him from the President to Fox News. But no one could have thought Kyle Kuzma’s trainer would be doing it. Allegedly after the Lakers lost to Clippers on Christmas, Kuzma’s trainer went to social media and set off some Lakers rumors on Friday.

When the Los Angeles Lakers rolled out to a 24-3 record, for writers and reporters it’s a fun time as Lakers rumors were quiet. On the other hand, it can get kind of boring.

You see, the Lakers are about drama, infighting and the fanbase hitting the panic button at the least sight of adversity. Lakers rumors articles were non-existent on the website. Nothing but analysis. Well, after this past week or so, business has definitely picked up.

The drama that followed the Lakers seemingly from the start of the season last year FINALLY showed up in time for Christmas. Thanks to injuries to superstars Anthony Davis and LeBron James and Frank Vogel’s mistake of replacing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in the starting lineup with Avery Bradley, the Lakers have lost their last four games.

Part of what makes covering the Lakers fun is getting on social media to witness the Lakers casuals ignoring a hot start, coming out of the woodwork to give opinions and impossible trade options. About 75% of Lakers rumors start on Twitter with someone chasing clout.

But someone has to take the blame for ALL of the Lakers issues. After the Lakers blew a late lead to the LA Clippers on Christmas Day for the second time this season, Lake Show Life sat back and waited for the fingers to be pointed.

Raise your hand if you thought the latest critic would be Kyle Kuzma’s trainer Clint Parks? Parks provided news on a Lakers off day calling out LeBron James after the loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Christmas Day.

After Kyle Kuzma goes insane in the 1st quarter scoring 15 of his team-high 25 points, it’s nothing like having his trainer making things uncomfortable for the Lakers going forward in LA playing a back to back this weekend with some controversial comments on Instagram.

"“Watching Kawhi highlights from yesterday. NOBODY wants to speak on how sharp his skill set is compared to Lebrons. It’s clear who’s really in the LAB and who isn’t. Let me hear the excuses I’m on vacation I got nothing but time.” “Turn the film on. Somebody was dodging SMOKE yesterday and it wasn’t Kawhi.” After a series on Instagram story posts by Clint Parks, Kuzma had an interesting timed tweet that read “call a spade a spade.” He then deleted the tweet shortly after publishing it."

Here’s a copy before it got deleted. Click on the screen to read the post in full.

Well, that was bad timing. Kuzma’s best performance of the season is now lost by Parks’  Instagram post to question LeBron’s work ethic. If that wasn’t bad enough, he went on to say that he was scared of Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard.

Now here’s where things get hairy. In the tweet above, you see two pictures with messages on them. That’s bad enough, but all you need is someone to manipulate another tweet by Kuzma to send this into a media frenzy in Lake Show circles but is nothing but a Lakers rumor.


As you see in this tweet here, there are three pictures with Kyle Kuzma’s tweet with the caption saying “Call a spade a spade”. To most, it would look like Kuzma was co-signing Clint Park’s feelings.

Only one thing. Kyle Kuzma wasn’t talking about LeBron James. He was retweeting a Bernie Sanders tweet about Amazon needing to pay taxes.

Still with the class? After Kuzma sent this retweet out, he followed it up with the “Call a spade a spade” tweet you see above. Someone took the second Kuz tweet and attached it to his trainer’s comment. The backlash was so massive and sudden, it had to be deleted.

To say that this was totally unprofessional by Clint Parks can never be understated. Badmouthing any of your colleagues in any business can get you fired. Especially if the statements go public to embarrass the company or franchise.

Now that the Kyle Kuzma part has been explained, the question is, what was Clint Parks thinking? Lake Show Life takes a look to TRY and figure out Parks’ motives. To be clear, no one will ever truly know, but let’s investigate anyway.