Lakers Rumors: Should Lakers Nation believe these trade rumors or not?

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Lakers rumors number two: The Los Angeles Lakers make a deal for Patty Mills.

The Lakers rumor:

The San Antonio Spurs are going nowhere and unless there is a serious turnaround, they will be starting a rebuild soon. NBA contenders want shooters, so Patty Mills could be one of the few Spurs players that could be coveted.

Patty Mills would be a great addition for the Lakers considering he is one of the few consistent players this season for the Spurs as a shooter and facilitator. A potential trade would be Patty Mills in exchange for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Quinn Cook and a future 2nd round pick.

For the Spurs, this move helps you get out of Mills’ contract a year early as well as gets you some more draft capital.

For the Lakers, their point guard situation is in a word, lacking. Rondo has been up and down (Let’s just say down shall we?) for most of the season and Quinn Cook is undersized and is so far down on the Lakers bench, he watches the game on cable.

Alex Caruso is better fit off the ball rather than running the point, so this trade can clear up any concerns that the Lakers may have with the backup point guard position.

Lakers’ reality:

Really? Just really? Question; does Gregg Popovich still coach the San Antonio Spurs? What deal do you know the Lakers and Spurs would actually do with his blessing?

Remember the Kawhi Leonard situation? Remember when he reportedly advised GMs not to deal with the Lakers? Do we need to go on?

There’s that KCP situation that needs to be dealt with. Leaving a championship contender for a rebuild. Sure, that’ll happen. The Spurs front office will not get rid of Patty Mills for Quinn Cook, who plays once every two weeks and a couple of second-round picks for Mills. That’s just not what R.C. Buford will do in his right mind.

Finally, outside of Kawhi Leonard, what former Spur leaves San Antonio and makes a major impact? Please don’t mention Danny Green, have you seen him shoot with any consistency this season?