Los Angeles Lakers: 6 observations that righted the Lakers ship for 2020

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Los Angeles Lakers
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LeBron James is starting to have fun again. Something that has to happen for any Lakers’ success.

Let’s be clear here. LeBron James is moody. It’s no secret based on all of the stories from his career in Cleveland (Twice!) and Miami. Nothing drives that point home more than his behavior last year.

What gets lost in the Lakers’ success is how much fun he is having this season. He was having so much fun at times that he started irritating people. The Utah Jazz announcers are probably still mad because of his celebrations on the sideline.  

But during the losing streak, you could see the moodiness starting to set in. If LeBron has a weakness (Besides his free throws!), you can tell when things are starting to go south. Through the weekend, his attitude started to change.

Sure it was LeBron’s birthday this week (Happy 35th birthday from Lake Show Life!) and he had just been named AP’s Male Athlete of the Decade. He was placed on the NBA’s all-decade team by virtually every media outlet. But this is the LeBron the Lakers need to win the NBA title. The happy-go-lucky guy.


As you can see here, the two franchise players are having a good time in the weight room. Both are light-hearted and busting a gut laughing. Even Jared Dudley was brought into the madness. These two set the mood and the tone.

Shaquille O’Neal says all of the time; if the General does not panic, the troops won’t panic. How many times, have you seen LeBron shut down and start distancing himself from the team last year? Let’s go back further, throughout his career?

The bottom line, when the man is having fun, special things happen. Remember this video in Miami?


The Miami Heat won the NBA title that year. Get the connection? Speaking of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, let’s take things on the hardwood, shall we?