Los Angeles Lakers: LeBron, Avery Bradley, AD eclipse Suns, 3 lessons

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(Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Los Angeles Lakers
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Anthony Davis took the heart from the Suns early and a FanSided employee had the perfect description!

Lake Show Life has run out of ways to describe this superstar. Anthony Davis is tall, very long and skilled. He filled the box score dropping 26 points, 11 rebounds, two assists and a block.

For the first half, the Phoenix players looked intimidated and scared. Ricky Rubio missed a wide-open layup showing that he was scared to death of getting his shot blocked.

Outside of Devin Booker and Kelly Oubre, the Suns’ players wanted nothing to do with this guy. I might have had something to do with what AD did to Aron Baynes. We’ll let Gerald Bourguet, my FanSided colleague covering the Phoenix Suns, speak on it.

Sidebar here. There is not an NBA team that can stop the Lakers’ pick and roll. Seriously. It’s not happening. AD runs the play with Danny Green by setting the pick. Green throws the ball to the rafters and AD looked like one of the Monstars in the next Space Jam movie dunking on Baynes.

That is if AD can avoid the charges for what he did to Baynes on the nastiest dunk of 2020 so far.

Would it shock you that this happened in the first quarter and this wasn’t the most incredible dunk of the quarter? After LeBron swiped the ball and electrified the crowd with a slam dunk, AD collaborated with the King for another highlight.

It’s getting to the point that Anthony Davis needs to ease back on shooting 3 pointers. He has been really bad lately, but after LeBron grabbed the rebound things let’s just say “turned” drastically.


That was the first half, now let’s talk the second half.

When AD came back in, his rhythm was gone. This probably was a once in a while situation, but when the Suns made their huge run, AD couldn’t stop the bleeding.

Going forward, this is a learning experience. AD has to develop a killer instinct and focus to do what he did in these highlights for 48 minutes if needed.