Lakers Rumors: Should Lakers Nation believe these Kyle Kuzma rumors?

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Los Angeles Lakers Rumors
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Lakers rumors: Kyle Kuzma and Avery Bradley for Jae Crowder.

Lakers rumor:

Jae Crowder would be the 3-and D player the Lakers would need if they panicked and believed Andre Iguodala would not be bought out by the Memphis Grizzlies.

It would be a defensive upgrade for the supporting cast coming off the bench. Crowder would be charged with defending the top forward on the opposing team.

Lakers’ reality:

Lake Show Life takes pride in two things. We actually do our research and sometimes look at things for what it is. This deal is totally ridiculous on so many levels.

Number one, Avery Bradley just LEFT the Memphis Grizzlies without so much as a contract offer. Why would they want him back? Plus, with the rumors that Memphis is actually trying to block Andre Iguodala from being acquired from the Lakers, why would the Grizz make a deal with the Lakers?

Now let’s talk about on the court. Does anyone remember the last time Jae Crowder and LeBron played together in Cleveland? It was a disaster. He along with Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade and Isaiah Thomas did not last the year and were cast off at the trade deadline a few years back.

Don’t let those highlights above fool you. Jae Crowder struggles from the 3-point line. He’s shooting a horrid 32.4% over the last three seasons. The Lakers are better off taking a chance with Kuzma’s off and on shooting from distance. We won’t even go into the price tag.

The last two players were seen in the last two contests over the weekend. Let’s start with a guard that plays for the Pelicans.