Los Angeles Lakers: 5 Reasons Darren Collison should consider them over LA Clippers

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Los Angeles Lakers
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The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to Darren Collison, along with the LA Clippers. Here are five reasons Collison should pick the Lakers over the Clippers.

Throughout the Los Angeles Lakers’ outstanding start this season, they have looked great in nearly every way possible. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are a better pairing than imagined and the team’s defense has been suffocating.

However, when James heads to the bench the offense starts to fall apart. Darren Collison is considering a return to the NBA, preferably to the Lakers or the LA Clippers. The Lakers could really use him if they are looking to win banner number 17 this season.

LeBron James is off to yet another MVP-caliber season, something that is absolutely incredible for a 35-year-old in his 17th NBA season. He is leading the entire league with a career-best 11.0 assists per game.

Thanks to James’ selflessness, he has turned Davis into an absolute monster on the court. According to NBA.com advanced stats, the Lakers are outscoring opponents by 8.7 points when James is on the court, the third-best of his career. Everything appears to be perfect in Lakerland when you have a player like LeBron on the court.

The problem? LeBron James cannot play 48 minutes per game.

When the veteran superstar exits the game for his rest the offense struggles greatly. During this time, the Lakers do not have anybody on the floor that can get their own shot. To top it off, the Lakers also do not have anybody that can get people shots. Rajon Rondo was supposed to be that guy but he is a far cry from where he was a few years ago.

When ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted on New Years Day that Darren Collison was considering making a return to the NBA it appeared that the Los Angeles Lakers may be given a belated-Christmas present. Unfortunately for Rob Pelinka and co. the Clippers are also on his shortlist of teams he is eyeing.

Thankfully for the Lakers, they have many reasons why choosing them over the Clippers would be the smart move for Darren Collison. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons the veteran point guard should sign with the Lakers.