Los Angeles Lakers: 5 Reasons Darren Collison should consider them over LA Clippers

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3. Play with LeBron

The number one reason for the Los Angeles Lakers to sign another point guard would be to help run the offense while LeBron James is off of the court. However, fans should expect to see plenty of minutes where both players would be on the floor at the same time. We have already seen this quite often with Rajon Rondo (which is typically not a great idea).

If Darren Collison were to sign with the Lakers, LeBron James would be able to give him time on the court to play off-ball. Collison has seen success as a perimeter shooter and a slasher. With James’ exceptional vision, he would be able to get the veteran point guard some of the easiest looks of his career.

The other benefit of playing alongside James? He has a tendency to get his teammates paid. LeBron James has a knack for making his teammates look even better than they already are. Looking at the contracts Matthew Dellavedova and Tristan Thompson were able to secure can help prove this theory.

This NBA comeback may not be a long-term plan for Collison. He could have intentions of retiring again after this season, which would make this a moot point. However, if the 32-year-old were to continue his career, whether, with the Lakers or elsewhere, he could very well see higher contract offers thanks to the effectiveness he could potentially see playing alongside LeBron.