Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Team packaging a Kyle Kuzma deal for Robert Covington?

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DeMarcus Cousins has a salary that works, but does anyone think the Wolves can sell him as a part of the deal?

In the case of Cousins, he’s the main reason that this deal will never get done. There’s a laundry list of reasons, so let’s start with the most obvious. The injury that will possibly keep him out at least until the playoffs. Even that is a stretch at this point.

DeMarcus Cousins continues rehab program from the torn ACL in his left knee suffered last summer. To his credit, he has worked hard and has begun light workouts in the hopes of returning this season. There are some that seem to hold out hope that Cousins gets back on the floor in 2019-20. Lake Show Life does not see it.

Even though Frank Vogel is not ruling out a return, good luck with that mythical, majestically happy visual happening.

Via Bill Oram of The Athletic Vogel gives an update on Cousins’ progress:

"“He’s going to start working into a little bit of a light warmup stuff. But that’s just like light jogging and those types of things. He still has a long way to go.” Said it’s “still a possibility” he plays this season."

Now before Lake Show Life delves into the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement surrounding the DeMarcus Cousins situation. Take a look at the obvious situation on the surface.

Do you really think the Minnesota Timberwolves will take a player that hasn’t suited up this season? To take this deeper, do you really think Boogie will even take the flight out of Los Angeles? Trust this point before this discussion goes deeper. If Cousins was traded, he’s not going to be in as big a rush with his rehab to get back on a lottery team as he would with a title contender.

Here’s the second part of the Boogie discussion.