Los Angeles Lakers: Top 5 shooting guards of the 2010 decade

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2. Lou Williams 2015-17

Lou Williams is a walking bucket. He’s always been able to provide teams he’s played for with scoring. He did just that in his almost two seasons with the Lakers. He averaged around 17 points per game in his 125 games played in a Lakers uniform. He did so on shooting splits of 42/36/86.

His offensive rating was very below average in 2015-16 at 100.9. With a defensive rating of 111, he ended that campaign with a -10.1 net-rating. So you’re thinking to yourself how could he be number two on this list?

You’d be 100% correct to question that, based on where Young and Clarkson landed on this list. But the answer comes in his 2016-17 season. He registered a 109.6 offensive rating and a 108.9 defensive rating. Somehow he finished with a +0.7 net-rating on a team that finished 26-56.

The team finished with a 99.3 offensive rating with him on the bench. So by himself, he was responsible for a +10.3 net-rating. That is incredible considering how terrible that Lakers team was.

He lands at number two, only behind one player that I’m sure you guys already know the answer. Sweet Lou would’ve been great on this team now, as he continues to have success with the other Los Angeles team. But LeBron James was just a possibility at that point and not a guarantee, so Lou has to be traded.