Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: How Kyle Kuzma can survive the trading block

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Los Angeles Lakers rumors
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Kyle Kuzma is becoming the primary definition of how cold the NBA can be. In the summer, Kuzma was penciled in a major part of the Lakers’ future. Six months later, injuries, inconsistent minutes and play has Kuzma on the trade block in Lakers rumors. Lake Show Life explains how Kyle Kuzma can survive being the next young Lakers outcast. 

Los Angeles Lakers rumors have been plentiful involving the last remaining piece of the team’s young core.

If you thought Kyle Kuzma would be back in the same situation that he faced last year, most would have laughed in your face. After he was spared in the multi-player deal to bring Anthony Davis into the fold, big plans were made for Kyle Kuzma. He was one of the pieces to make the transition post -LeBron retirement into the future ahead.

Reports had him considered untouchable. He was an odds on favorite to make Team USA this past summer for the FIBA World Cup. Gregg Popovich had given him high praise for his hard work in camp. The sky’s the limit, right?

Then his injury over the summer changed everything. An ankle injury that turned into a stress reaction hurt his chances to compete for the national team.

Then Kuzma had to sit and watch while his teammates were getting acclimated in a shorter preseason than in previous years. To make things even more difficult for him, the Lakers were building a system on both ends of the floor to figure out and be fit into later.

At the time, Kuzma’s place in the rotation was solidified. There was a starting spot waiting for him when he got healthy. The worst-case scenario would have him coming off the bench as the sixth man, getting significant minutes (Also read: Scoring opportunities!) and close the games out in crunch time in the fourth quarter.

Up until recently, Kyle Kuzma was in the NBA news cycle for different reasons that have nothing to do with his play. For weeks his blonde hairstyle and “wardrobe” were getting more attention than the production he was putting out on the court.

Actually the low point was when Shannon Sharpe put out a joke about Kuz’s hair on Twitter. What was worse, his mother took to social media to respond.


Well based on the statistics Kyle Kuzma put up in the four-game stretch when everyone was making jokes about comparing Kuzma’s hairstyle to Eminem (Aka Slim Shady) to Amber Rose (No kidding here!), Kuzma was well, bad.

Kuz was averaging 8.3 points on an atrocious 27% shooting. His 3-point percentage was worse, shooting at a 26.3% clip. Some of the rumors were normal, based on the fact that it comes with the job playing on the Lakers or a LeBron James team. Most of it was because, Kuzma was not living up to expectations of anyone involved, including Kyle himself.

Then Kyle Kuzma got a lifeline of sorts when Anthony Davis injured his back last week against the Knicks. At the time, Kuzma’s tenure was on shaky ground.

Even if Kuzma played well, at the time Jalen Rose broke down what the two scenarios that could happen.

As you can see here, there’s yet another scenario about Kyle Kuzma being traded. With AD being out, it’s a great chance for the Lakers to showcase the asset that the NBA covets in their potential star for a player and high draft pick.

Then last weekend happened. Kyle Kuzma decided to go on a two-game stretch that in some discussions saved Kuzma’s locker through Feb. 6th. It was easily his best stretch in his career.

Look, Lakers fans are probably tired of hearing scenarios that have Kyle Kuzma on a plane to teams that have no chance of getting him. Lake Show Life has stated time and time again Kuz is not going anywhere.  Now it seems that his availability is not confirmed. Now there is confusion on if Kuzma is on the trading block or not.

In the most recent episode of “Brian Windhorst and The Hoop Collective,” Windhorst said that whether or not Kuzma is on the trade block has been dependent on who’s asked.

"“Kuzma is their best trade asset and I’m just going to say, there’s conflicting information out there about him. I’ve talked to three or four different teams who told me ‘Kyle Kuzma is available for trade. He can be had.’ There have been reports elsewhere and other people elsewhere have said that the Lakers have indicated they do not want to trade him.”"

Before we get into all aspects of Kyle Kuzma, Rob Pelinka continues to put up reasons why he is running circles around NBA front offices. It is stunning how he has turned the Lakers’ front office around.

His promotion to VP of Basketball Operations might not be enough. How about President? After last year, when every move was seemingly leaked, good luck getting the Lakers to tell you what day it is. Their moves and intentions are guarded like Fort Knox.

With every outlet talking about Kuzma leaving, Lake Show Life will do an in-depth piece on how Kyle Kuzma can stay in a Lakers uniform. Sure, he will be around for the rest of the season. But in the offseason, that’s another story. Let’s look back at the last three games because it’s a microcosm of his inconsistent career.