Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: How Kyle Kuzma can survive the trading block

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Kyle Kuzma, please ask LeBron James for Chris Bosh’s phone number or fly him into Staples to give advice!

Is this a fair situation for a 3rd-year player being counted on for major production on a championship team? No. Is it fair for said player to figure out how to play with two superstars? No. Is it fair for that player to adjust his game from what has worked throughout his career to mesh with LeBron James to make him effective? No.

But this is not Kyle Kuzma’s reality. Lake Show Life is not going to waste time rehashing how hard it is to play with LeBron James without losing your identity. This is about the future of Kyle Kuzma dealing with this challenge.

Who is better to ask than an NBA Hall of Famer, Chris Bosh, the undisputed blueprint of dealing with these adjustments. Everyone talks of Anthony Davis being the best player LeBron has ever played with. Chris Bosh was the player that made the most sacrifices in Miami to get LeBron championship gold.

Bosh will go down as one of the “Big 3” in Miami. People will always forget that this guy was a franchise double-double machine with the Toronto Raptors with all the shots of being the first option. Down in Miami, he was the third option with a shift from power forward to a stretch 5 to open the lane for LeBron.

Check out what he said to Bleacher Report’s Ethan Skolnick of his difficulties being a part of Miami’s big three along with Dwyane Wade years ago.

"“Yeah, it’s  a lot more difficult taking a step back because you’re used to doing something a certain way and getting looks a certain way. And then it’s like, well, no for the benefit of the team, you have to get it here.” “‘You’ve got to do this! You’ve got to do that!’ So you’ve got to fight that. ‘Why don’t you do this? Well, you should do this!’ It’s like, man, they don’t need me to do that, I know what I’m doing. ‘Well, you should do this.’ And then eventually, on one of those days, all it takes is one time, well, maybe I should be doing this. It’s such a psychological battle.”"

Now we have to understand this is an 11-time All-Star having trouble adjusting to life with LeBron. Think about what Kuz is dealing with and he hasn’t figured out the NBA game yet.

Chris Bosh is retired. Kyle needs to find Bosh’s number (Last I checked, LeBron might have it!) and establish a mentoring relationship.

Let’s check out the rewards of Bosh’s adjustments.

Four Finals appearances and two championships.

One of those Finals wins against San Antonio, he collaborated with Ray Allen to save in one of the most clutch plays in Finals history in Game 6. Then he proceeded to dominate overtime. Danny Green knows how well he played.