Los Angeles Lakers: Is it time for LeBron James to consider load management?

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Los Angeles Lakers
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The Verdict

The Lakers are a lock to make the Western Conference Finals as long as LeBron James is healthy. Yes, that means even if Anthony Davis goes down with a significant injury, the Purple and Gold are still better than every squad, but the Clippers in the suddenly depleted West.

After taking a one-year sabbatical, LeBron James is nearly back to his old self, using a mix of power and IQ to run roughshod over the rest of the NBA. However, the word “nearly” is the key to everything. LeBron James is dominating like it’s 2012, but it’s 2020, and in the world of basketball, LBJ’s an old man.

LeBron must start to rest. James already showed all of the haters he’s not washed. At this point, the “King” must focus on entering the postseason healthy and getting through the finals unharmed.

Perhaps the Lakers will lose a few regular-season games that they would have won if James had played. Maybe that will be the difference between playing Game 7 of the finals at home versus on the road. Who cares. Great organizations are capable of winning a championship at home or on the road.

Maybe LA’s incredible chemistry, centered around LeBron’s work ethic, will take a small hit. It’s not likely, though. Every player on the Lakers understands LeBron’s age and what’s at stake if he does get hurt.

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The Pros for LeBron James to start load management far outweigh the cons. There’s no shame in sitting out games. LeBron must play it smart and ensure that he’s 100 percent ready for the playoffs by resting against weaker opponents throughout the second half of the season.