Los Angeles Lakers guide to understanding the Alex Caruso hype

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(Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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LeBron James claims him. ESPN watches LeBron’s every move. See the trend here?

Alex Caruso has learned the lesson Kyle Kuzma had to learn the hard way. Make sure LeBron James actually likes you. Whether you like the “King” or not, everyone can understand what a kind word from the most influential player in the NBA can do for you.


For the record, the GOAT term is so watered down at this point that you can mix some Kool-Aid mix in it and have a party. But look at the exposure Alex Caruso gets not from just LeBron but from the “World Wide Leader of Sports”.

They put out a tweet to their followers (39 million and counting!) tag LeBron James’ name to it (43 million and counting) and you have a guy in Caruso that could be the most famous Laker on the squad behind Bron and Anthony Davis.

Don’t sleep on the LeBron James effect. A lot of people are influenced by his presence on the Los Angeles Lakers. The team is making a killing business-wise. His teammates have a higher profile. Even the writers that cover the team actually get exposure. Even Caruso’s college of Texas A&M got in on the act.


Even the guy writing this piece owes LeBron James a debt of gratitude.

But seriously, when it’s all said and done can this dude play?