Lakers Rumors: Los Angeles interested in acquiring Derrick Rose

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The Los Angeles Lakers want Darren Collison? Boogie Cousins’ injury is the key!  

Even though Derrick Rose would be potentially a huge improvement on the offensive end, Darren Collison is another player the Lakers could attain to fulfill that role. Now the pursuit is on hold for about a month while he considers a return from retirement. Reports have the Lakers and Clippers on the inside track.

Cousins’ relationship with Collison is a major selling point. If you’ve noticed that Rondo is still getting minutes, it should show that locker room politics and relationships are in play here.

The locker room absolutely loves Boogie Cousins. Darren Collison is a close friend. That’s the situation on the surface. Now let’s go upstairs where the front office is located.

The Lakers have to have some money to outbid the Clippers. There’s only one way. The Disabled Player Exception thanks to the injury to DeMarcus Cousins.

The Disabled Player Exception due to the injury of DeMarcus Cousins, is the only way as of this point the Lakers have to financially outbid the Clippers for Collison.

The Lakers could lose the exception if Cousins is traded in any deal.

This is one of the biggest blocks in any trade no matter what Lakers rumors come through Lake Show Life or any other media outlets. With the team being so strapped salary cap wise, the buyout market is the probable option for the Lakers try to get assets for the playoff run.

The Disable Player Exception is a huge part of that plan.

If the trade went down, there is a player that could come with Rose from Detroit.