Los Angeles Lakers: 5 reasons why trading Kyle Kuzma is a bad idea

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5. His contract is very cost-efficient.

Kuzma is on a very friendly deal. He was set on the rookie scale when he was drafted in 2017 as the 27th overall pick by the Lakers. He is signed over the next two seasons for $1,974,600 and $3,562,178, those are very good numbers.

For a Lakers team that depleted their assets for AD, they need guys on cost-efficient deals on the roster. With an AD extension looming and a big salary to Bron and Danny Green, having a guy like Kuzma is a bargain.

There is not much more bang for your buck in the NBA. Guys that are above their pay scale could be Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Devonte‘ Graham. Both of whom will not be traded from either of their respective teams.

When we talk about what he provides, based on what he makes, Kuzma is excelling in that area. The problem is people know how much better he can be. How many contending teams are asking a player to be their third star, while making less than $2 million?

The answer is not many, if at all besides the Lakers. His deal provides the Lakers to look at options on the trade market because they have his Bird Rights. Any player they bring in, they wouldn’t have to worry about resigning Kuzma if/when that time came.