Los Angeles Lakers: 5 reasons why trading Kyle Kuzma is a bad idea

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2. His net-rating on the floor is very good

Kuzma has graded out very well while on the floor he currently has a 111.1 offensive rating and a 104.4 defensive rating which is good for a +6.7 net rating. He grades out as good in all three categories and shows how much he continues to refine his game on both ends.

The stat that really jumps out is in his five starts he has a 123.9 offensive rating and a 106.5 defensive rating. That is good for a +16.4 net rating which would put his numbers into the elite categories. Small sample size but it is worth noting how good he is with the starters.

Another interesting note is his home/away numbers. It seems Kuzma is very good on the road which would help a lot late in the season and into the playoffs. He currently boasts a 116.1 offensive rating and 100.4 defensive rating on the road in 14 games, good for a +15.7 net rating.

At home, those numbers change drastically to a 106.7 offensive rating and 107.8 defensive rating which puts him at a -1.1 net rating in 18 games. It’s a weird split to look at, but also one that could benefit the Lakers down the line when they have to play at other arenas.

Either way, his play is excelling at both ends and he has started to pick it up as of late. Hopefully, the injury bug is behind him and he can continue his solid play as we hit the second half of the season.