Kobe Bryant passes away, it’s time for Lakers Nation to unite eras

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Kobe Bryant
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When you are a superstar putting on the purple gold, it doesn’t matter the era. We are all family.

Kobe Bryant had no issues with LeBron James breaking his record before he passed on. Why should Kobe’s fans? The Los Angeles Lakers have the most entertainment rich history in all of sports. Over 60 years proves that star players were replaced going as far back as George Mikan, who was the NBA’s first star.

The point here is enjoying the moment. Enjoy the success and enjoy your life. Even though this is a tragedy of the worst possible situation, Kobe Bryant passed along with his daughter doing a shared passion which is basketball. Furthermore, it means they were building a father/daughter bond that was taken before the job was done. That’s what brings tears to many.

So when you see this play here with LeBron James passing Kobe Bryant, don’t start with the hateful comments. Use this moment to rejoice in the life of the man the achievement will forever be attached to.

To the people in the comment section or on Twitter tweeting  “Who would’ve won?” or comparing stats between these two claiming to be a Lakers fan, this site has news for you.

You’re not a fan.

Record-setting and record-breaking doesn’t always mean a high level standing in sports. It’s the athlete’s transcendence being measured not only in the sport they play but the influence in society and the people they touch during their career.

Lake Show Life ends this sad piece with the 40 greatest plays of Kobe’s career. Lake Show Life dedicates this article to Ms. Vanessa Bryant. Prayers and blessings go out to a woman who is dealing with the loss of a husband and a daughter.

To Mr. Bryant, thanks for the catalog of memories and a legacy that will live on forever after your departure. It hurts to say what you made famous.

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Mamba out.