Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Lessons from Kobe Bryant’s final game

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(Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Los Angeles Lakers
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The mythical legends have already started. Gordon Hayward stepped in the lane to make sure Kobe got 60 points.

Kobe Bryant’s 59th and 60th points came from free throws with just under 15 seconds remaining in the Lakers’ win. It is alleged or mentioned by Mike Tirico, that before Bryant attempted his second free throw, Gordon Hayward stepped into the paint. Here’s where the story is taken to the next level. It was “suggested” that Hayward deliberately committed the violation so Bryant, if necessary, would get an extra free throw to score 60. At least that what he said to The Ringer.

"“He had the complete wherewithal at 59 to just put a foot in the lane and look over at the ref, just in case Kobe missed it,” Tirico said. “To make sure he got another shot at 60.”"

Gordon Hayward squashed that rumor with the quickness.

Now we all as Lakers fans will believe Hayward over Tirico. Knowing Kobe Bryant, if that was the case he would have given the point back. Plus, you would be amazed how many players step over the line without it being called. Taking things even further, the man had to be in shock. Bryant just dropped 60 points. He got the business put on him up close and personal.

Sometimes the media tends to make things bigger than they really are. We are all used to it because, it’s the Los Angeles Lakers and this is about one of the all time greats in Kobe Bryant.

When games like this take on myths like these, it takes us back to the days before social media to the grassroots era when word of mouth told the story. Reminds old school ballers of the greatest streetball parks like “The Rucker”, “The Drew” and “The Cage”.

We all just witnessed it in the Staples Center..