Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Lessons from Kobe Bryant’s final game

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Los Angeles Lakers
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How in the world did poor Roy Hibbert trend on Twitter with 4 points?

Twitter is cold folks. When ESPN replayed the game on Monday night, Lakers fans picked that night to clown Roy Hibbert for his performance. The tweets that came out was brutal, but man it was funny at the same time.

Lake Show Life has a long list below with captions. Just click on the sentences and start laughing.

Kobe in heaven watching Roy Hibbert get dragged for a game 4 yrs ago.

Roy Hibbert getting fresh slander is just sooo!

Roy Hibbert checking twitter right now

Roy Hibbert’s effort in Kobe’s last game.

Roy Hibbert in 2016 calling for the ball on the low post watching Kobe shoot the ball 55 times.

Watching Roy hibbert not care but also knowing kobe is gonna drop 61.

ESPN: “We will be airing Kobe Bryant’s last game, the 60 point performance, tonight at 9 pm.” Roy Hibbert, remembering how bad he played in that game:

Finally, the best of them all.

Roy Hibbert really be gifted with a 7’2 height n still incapable of rebounding!  

For the record, Roy Hibbert can rebound. At least he did some in this game. He collected 6 rebounds (3 offensive!) and actually had 2 assists. He scored 4 points though.

Lake Show Life hopes you all enjoyed a special Lake Show Life Lessons piece on Kobe Bryant’s last game. Sure, the Roy Hibbert tweets were in all in fun, but we all need to laugh a little. Hopefully Roy Hibbert doesn’t take offense.

Hopefully you get to see some basketball analysis along with honoring Kobe Bryant and his lovely daughter Gianna.

Look, it’s okay to be mad, it’s okay to be sad. Los Angeles Lakers fans are passionate. Passion is a huge part of emotions. This is an emotional time. This post game will end with a great collaboration of TNT and Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck.

The Los Angeles Lakers are back on the floor on Friday night. Lake Show Life will continue to give the best coverage through the rest of the season. Because Kobe Bryant would have wanted it that way.

To all the nine souls that perished on Sunday, please rest in peace.