Los Angeles Lakers: Kyle Kuzma named as a player who should be shopped

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Bleacher Report recently named one player every team should shop before the trade deadline. For the Los Angeles Lakers, it was Kyle Kuzma.

With the trade deadline closing in for the Los Angeles Lakers, they will be making some tough decisions about what they want to do prior to the NBA trade deadline.

Since the Lakers have the best record in the Western Conference, they are certainly a title contender this season. However, there is still some room for improvement for Los Angeles.

Due to the trade for Anthony Davis this offseason, there aren’t a lot of trade assets for the Lakers to move. The one name that has been frequently mentioned is Kyle Kuzma.

Recently, Bleacher Report named one player from each team that should be shopped. For the Lakers, it was Kuzma who was named as the player that should be shopped.

Seeing Kuzma as the person that should be shopped isn’t all that surprising. If the Lakers are going to be making a big splash, Kuzma would certainly have to be involved.

Even though the Lakers kept Kuzma out of the trade talks for Davis, he has had a hard time adjusting to being the third option on a championship-caliber team. With both LeBron James and Anthony Davis playing the same positions as Kuzma, playing time hasn’t been the easiest to come by for Kuzma.

This season, Kuzma is averaging 13.0 points and 4.2 rebounds per game. While the numbers for Kuzma aren’t awful, they are well below where he has been the past two seasons.

Consistency has been a major issue for Kuzma this season, as he has shown some glimpses of his potential. Unfortunately, Kuzma hasn’t been able to play consistently this season.

Depending on what the organization thinks the team needs, will likely decide the rate of Kuzma. If they are looking to make a major splash, Kuzma could very well be on the trading block.

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As a young player, Kuzma is certainly still valuable for the franchise with his upside, but trading him now would be selling low. With the trade deadline just a few days away, Kuzma will be a name to keep an eye on.