Lakers rumors: 3 reasons Derrick Rose for Alex Caruso wasn’t happening

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Lakers rumors
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LeBron James has already said on record that the Lakers have enough already.

LeBron James has come along way since his annual rants in Cleveland. A very long way. A couple of weeks back, James was asked about possible upgrades to the roster. Here’s what he said to Tania Ganguli of the L.A. Times.

"“We have enough right now,” LeBron James said. “But it’s not about competing and worrying about June, it’s about worrying about January. And if we continue to get better throughout January and we move on to February and continue to get better. “We’re a really good team but we’re not a great team yet,” James added. “And we shouldn’t be. We’ve just now been put together in September. And from September to now, we’re a better team. And if we continue this trend, then we’ll put ourselves in a position where we can compete for a championship and have a chance. And in this league and in sports in general, all you want is a chance.”"

Granted this was a few days after Kyrie Irving threw his new set of teammates in Brooklyn under the bus, but again it’s not like he wasn’t doing the same around the trade deadline in the past. Or even last year for that matter.

But it is easier to be savvy when the Lakers are sitting on a 37-11 record with an NBA high 21 of those wins coming on the road. Plus when you have an NBA record 15 straight conference wins on the road, it’s time to really wonder if chemistry should be messed with here.

Much of the Lakers’ locker room is political. LeBron James actually likes Alex Caruso and what he brings to the team. Plus, having a nickname doesn’t hurt.

What gets lost here is that Alex Caruso is genuinely liked by fans and his teammates alike. His hustle has been a major part of the team’s success earlier this season. Remember, he never got off the pine on opening night. Now he’s in the rotation getting 19 minutes with many (Lake Show Life included!) thinking he should get Rajon Rondo’s too.

But this really over-analyzing the obvious here. It’s up to the Lakers to decide no matter what option or player to move if it is worth the trouble. LZ Granderson says it best.

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