Lakers rumors: 3 reasons Derrick Rose for Alex Caruso wasn’t happening

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Why is this a part of Lakers Rumors? Has anybody ever thought of the fact that Derrick Rose is not that good? 

Sure, there will be plenty of statements in the comment section about his stats and how much this article is hating on Derrick Rose. He averages 18 points. He’s getting back to where he was before. Man, please.

The Detroit Pistons stink and are offloading as many contracts as possible. Andre Drummond could be gone, Luke Kennard may be gone before this article gets published. The team is being blown up as we write this. Why?

The Pistons are 18-34 after losing seven of their last ten games. How bad are they? The New York Knicks are two games in the loss column behind the Pistons, who fired their head coach and President of Basketball Operations in less than three months. Believe it or not, they have more salary-cap flexibility.

Why are Derrick Rose’s stats so good? His usage rate is high. What other option does the Detroit Pistons have at this point? Oh, we’ll wait.

Reggie Jackson is just getting back in the lineup after being injured. Blake Griffin will not be seen until next year at the very earliest and the only reason Andre Drummond is playing reasonably well is that it’s a contract year.

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