Lakers Rumors: Darren Collison now prefers to sign with the Lakers

(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

Recent Lakers rumors are that they are the favorite to sign Darren Collison as the trade deadline passes.

Despite plenty of Lakers rumors over the last few weeks, the Los Angeles Lakers decided not to make a move.

Due to the Lakers not having a lot of assets to move after the trade for Anthony Davis, making a big splash or even a minor one didn’t seem all that likely before the trade deadline.

One player that the Lakers were actively talking about was Marcus Morris of the New York Knicks. Morris was one of the top players available at the trade deadline, as the Knicks are looking to rebuild.

This season, Morris is averaging close to 20 points per game, while playing good defense and shooting the ball very well from beyond the arc. However, the Lakers were unwilling to trade Kuzma for Morris, and the Los Angeles Clippers stepped in.

The Clippers were able to work a three-team deal with the Knicks and the Washington Wizards, which will bring Morris and Isaiah Thomas to the Clippers. With the Clippers getting two new pieces, Kevin O’Connor reported that this should make the Lakers the favorites to add Darren Collison.

Collison hasn’t played this season after retiring this past summer. The decision to retire was a shocking one for Collison, but he made it known a few months back that he intended to come back.

With Thomas going to the Clippers, Collison would certainly have a bigger role with the Lakers.  The Lakers could certainly use a player like Collison, as he can be a playmaker for them off the bench. When LeBron James has been off the court this season, the Lakers have not been the same team.

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Adding a playmaker like Collison would help the Lakers’ offense operate more smoothly when James gets a rest. As a player that can handle the ball and space the floor, Collison would be a great addition for the Lakers as a free agent.