Can Los Angeles Lakers win a title without trade upgrade?

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Did the Lakers make the right decision?

Throughout every sector in America, professionals regularly do whatever they can to advance. It doesn’t matter if they skip steps or take shortcuts; their biggest concern is to sprint up the ladder to the top of their field as fast as possible. The music industry is a perfect example of this blind ambition to be the best.

Today our most famous singers seek the help of studio bands, songwriters, and music producers to turn them into stars. But during this process of advancement, something is lost.

The chemistry that groups like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and the Beach Boys built through thousands of hours of practice lacks in the music industry today. These 1960s bands truly understood each other, almost forming alien-like telepathy as they played.

Now the closest thing we get to that type of cohesion is the sad new release of Green Day’s latest album.

The NBA is another illustration of this modern-day formula for improvement. We’ve never seen as much player movement as we’ve witnessed over the last few seasons in the association. Not only have we watched most of the GM’s throughout the NBA continually try to improve via in-season trades or summertime deals.

We’ve also seen the players themselves fall into the trap of trying to better their chances of winning a championship through the free-agent market. Players regularly talk, and plan, and shift teams, doing their best to improve their odds of winning a title.

Often all of this player movement causes chaos and disorder on the court instead of the desired outcome; winning games. Teams are more than just a collection of the most talented players available — chemistry matters.

The Lakers aren’t a perfect squad, but they have excellent chemistry. If a difference-maker like Zach LaVine was available, then Rob Pelinka should have shaken up the roster, even at the expense of the Purple and Gold’s tremendous chemistry. Or if an excellent role player like Derrick Rose had been a possibility for a few end-of-the bench guys, then the Lakers management could have made a trade.

No good deals surfaced, though, so Rob Pelinka played the trade deadline perfectly by doing nothing and maintaining the Lakers chemistry.

The Celtics and the 76ers beat the Lakers, but they are not a huge concern. The Bucks and the Clippers hold the keys to the title.

Yes, the Lakers lost to the Bucks. But during that game, Giannis hit the most three-pointers he’s ever made in a single contest. And the majority of those 3-pointers came from at least four feet back of the arc.

Giannis completely changed the complexion of that contest with his one-time Stephen Curry impersonation. Giannis has improved his outside shot, but he still hefts the ball from below his chest, giving him one of the most awkward strokes in the league. There’s no way he’ll be able to replicate that type of 3-point accuracy throughout a seven-game series.

The Clippers have beaten the Lakers twice, but the Purple and Gold match up well with LA’s other team. AD is more than capable of guarding Kawhi Leonard, and LeBron can stifle Paul George.

Any series between the Lakers, Clippers, and Bucks will be close. All three teams are elite, and any of them could come out on top.

One thing is sure; the Purple and Gold have a much better chance of winning a chip now that the trade deadline has passed, and Rob Pelinka didn’t make any misguided deals. Thankfully Pelinka didn’t trade Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma for Marcus Morris.

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That kind of transaction could have left the rest of the Lakers players jolted. For now, the Lakers’ chemistry and good vibes are still intact, and that will pay dividends during the postseason.