Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Reasons why Darren Collison staying retired hurts L.A.

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Darren Collison recently announced that he won’t be coming out of retirement. Here are three reasons why this hurts the Los Angeles Lakers.

With the trade deadline coming and going, the Los Angeles Lakers decided not to make any deals.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, as the Lakers were really limited with what they could have done. Due to the trade for Anthony Davis, the Lakers were pretty depleted of assets. If they were going to make a noticeable splash, they would have had to part ways with a guy like Kyle Kuzma, who is their best remaining asset.

Despite the Lakers staying quiet at the trade deadline, that doesn’t mean that the team won’t see some new faces. As we enter the buyout period, players from some of the lesser teams in the league are frequently bought out from their contracts and sign with contenders.

Recently, we saw Marvin Williams get bought out from the Charlotte Hornets and sign with the Milwaukee Bucks. While it won’t be star players on the buyout market, good rotation players could be available to help.

One of the players that the Lakers were hoping to get was Darren Collison. This offseason, Collison shockingly retired from the NBA. However, it became apparent that he was going to look to come back and play for a contender. The Lakers were one of the teams that were courting Collison, but to the surprise of many, he recently announced that he won’t be coming out of retirement this season.

Even though he wasn’t on the team, this is a bit of a blow to the Lakers, who appeared to be the front-runners to sign him.

Here are three reasons why Collison staying retired will hurt the Lakers.