Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant’s best game against every team in NBA

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Kobe Bryant’s best game against the LA Clippers – 50 points in 2006

It seems like Kobe had a 50 point game against pretty much every team in the league, but he only had 26 of them and 2006 was his only 50 point game against the co-tenant Clippers. It must have been hard for any Clipper fans, if there were any that existed during Kobe’s career, watching him dominate the league so right across the hall from them.

Kobe almost signed with the Clippers in free agency in 2004, but thankfully Jerry West talked him out of playing for Donald Sterling, and that probably made this 50 point game even worse for the Clippers front office to watch. The Clippers were pretty much never good during Kobe Bryant’s prime, so they never got a chance to face each other in a playoff series or any games with playoff implications on the line.

That made it easy to choose his highest-scoring performance against the team that shared Staples Center with his Lakers for so many years. Kobe beat up on the Clippers almost every time they played and this just happened to be his most dominant performance against an upstart Clipper team that had a bunch solid young talent.