Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant’s best game against every team in NBA

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Kobe Bryant’s best game against the Phoenix Suns – Kobe hits a game-winner in Game 4 of the first round of the playoffs

Even though the Lakers did not end up winning the series, Kobe hitting the buzzer-beater to go up 3-1 on the Phoenix Suns in 2006 is easily a top-five moment in his career. The Lakers looked like they were on their way to upsetting the number two seed Phoenix Suns who were lead by Steve Nash, who stole the MVP away from Kobe that season.

This game was a prime example of Kobe showing up in the clutch when the Lakers needed him most. He hit a tough runner in the lane to tie the game, and then he hit the classic pull up at the elbow of the free-throw line for the win and Staples Center erupted.

Strangely he only attempted 14 shots in the game and made 9 of them, but he played more of a distributor throughout the game and had 8 assists to prove it. In this one, Kobe proved that even after a game of being somewhat passive and getting his teammates involved he could still take over when it mattered most in the playoffs.

Kobe did have a 50 point game against the Suns in the playoffs, but that came in a loss. This performance is his best against them because of the game-winning buzzer-beater and the legendary moment it created.